Full Moon, May 2018.


Full Moon, Full Bloom! 


This month’s full moon, aka the flower moon, is comin’ at ya Tuesday night!

Remember those intentions you set for the new moon earlier this month? It’s time focus your attention on what you’ve craving and begin manifesting! Full moons are all about tending to your own self-awareness, expressing your emotional needs and letting go of what no longer serves you. Let’s get ready to attract some new energy and release any blockages that are holding you back.

Take time to reflect on this month as you release bad energy and strengthen your intuition during this time to begin anew for June! Below are my thoughts on rituals + crystals for this full moon.


Full Moon Rituals.

Allergies. If you’re anything like me, your allergies have kicked into high gear. I’ve never suffered from congestion or sinus headaches before moving to Atlanta, so I’ve just begun to explore natural remedies. You could, of course, get yourself some allergy meds, but even “non-drowsy” medication makes me very loopy, so I generally try to avoid meds unless I absolutely need them. I find that a lot of western meds put a bandaid on your symptoms (aka relieve your sneezes, aches and congestion) instead of attacking the root of what’s causing you to feel so crummy. Natural remedies to consider:

  • Raw local honey! I’m talkin’ that dirty, unfiltered honey with a slab of honeycomb or even bee parts in there! Filtered honey won’t work, because your body must adjust and be exposed to the pollen of your local honeybees. Allergies are not created equal across the states, so be sure to buy local. You can also try local bee pollen — great on cut apples or in smoothies. Check out your local farmers market and make friends with your neighborhood beekeepers!

  • Apple cider vinegar. I am STRUGGLING to drink this, but a shot a day will really clear up your sinuses + clogged ears and help with your achy allergy symptoms overall. Let me know if you discover bearable ways to sneak this juice into your day!


Seasonal Self Care. Like accommodating for allergies, think of easy ways to shift your self care routine to follow the change in seasons. In the winter, I crave warm mugs of tea and piping hot baths. When the weather warms, I find myself taking more walks outside and making excuses to buy ice cream. Maybe you need more time outside now that the weather is nicer, or you want to eat what’s seasonally available locally. What do you need physically and emotionally? Start with a full moon detox, like a bath + salts, a nourishing green juice, or just hot water with lemon in the morning to reset your system for a new month.


Emotionally Detox. While new moons are all about intention setting, full moons are about letting go! Reflect on the intentions you set for the new moon (or come up with some now!). Is something blocking you from working towards the goals you set? To eliminate some toxicity from your life, try focusing on making a strained relationship better–maybe a difficult coworker or an old friend. Or, maybe distance yourself from relationships that are bringing you down. Let go of what doesn’t serve you emotionally during this full moon.


Sage, Sage, Sage! I normally sage my entire apartment every Sunday as part of my self care routine. Before any big event, like a full moon, I love to clear the air (literally) and press reset on my space! In my photo above, I’m holding a floral smudge stick from Catherine Rising.


Cycles. Women starting their cycle around the full moon, like me, were thought to be healers, shamans or witches back in the day!


Full Moon Crystals.

Amethyst. Aside from its beautiful purple hue, amethyst is known to help heal emotional wounds, increase your creativity and protect you spiritually. Heightening your own self awareness is helpful when riding the emotional waves of this full moon.

Rose Quartz. Another great crystal for beginners! Rose quartz promotes love and self-acceptance. Great when working through trauma or releasing your emotional baggage.

Clear Quartz. Though I suggested clear quartz for the new moon, it’s such a great energy clearer for any use!


Until the Next Full Moon,

Your Full Moon Sloth

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