Holistic Coaching with Emma



Welcome to the coaching section of my blog! I’m so glad you’re thinking about working with me. Admitting that you need some guidance takes a lot of guts and I’m excited to be a part of your journey.


As a holistic coach, I will focus on exactly that: everything that makes you who you are! Though my time is yours, I’ve listed some topics that I’ve found affect my own emotional and physical wellbeing. Health is above all, the most important thing to protect!


Topics to Consider.

  • Food: recognize eating patterns, meal prepping, livin’ gluten free, elimination diets
  • Chronic Pain: how to connect with your physical pain and work to heal it
  • Navigating Disease: how to advocate for yourself in our complicated world of healthcare, pair functional healing + eastern methods with western meds, and learn to identify the root causes of your symptoms
  • Mental Health: living with stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Wellbeing: how to build a self-care routine that is genuine to you
  • Life Transitions + Quarter Life Crisis: learning to thrive when change strikes
  • Manifesting + Spirituality: connecting with yourself, learning to follow your intuition and how to manifest the life you want.




Commit to Change.

If you’re interested in a single session or want to commit to my full program, REACH OUT! I am here to answer questions regarding pricing, the structure of our work, scheduling, or any lingering questions you may have. I am always flexible to meet your specific needs. All of our work will be virtual, as you should be in the comfort of your own home as you grow!


Contact: kaufmanc.emma@gmail.com or instagram.




I am beyond thrilled to support you on this WILD RIDE.


xoxo, your sloth goddess



Lastly, please note that I am not a doctor (though I am getting certified in energy work!), but have personally dealt with the topics above and have lots of advice to share.

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