How To Manifest Change



Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve shared with you. My work-life balance is basically non-existent: get up, scramble to make smoothie, rush to work, barely eat lunch, go to bed, repeat. UGH.

I hurt my foot about a month ago (have no idea what actually happened). I got out of bed one Monday morning and couldn’t walk! Last week was my first full week of driving, which was a big improvement. 

Limited mobility ALWAYS humbles me. We rely so much on our bodies’ ability to gogogo all the time, we sometimes take those movements for granted. 

As a lot of you know, I’ve been asking for some BIG changes to come into my life this year. Finally, I think a lot of them are coming to fruition. I’m going to keep quiet on what those changes are UNTIL they become a reality. BUT, I wanted to share some things I do when I’m trying to call in change into my life. 

Through all of this foot pain, I’ve realized that I am VERY impatient when I’ve asked the universe to show me my next stepping stones, and I tried really hard to implement the following this time:


You are what you ENERGY. By that I mean, what kind of energy are you choosing to be around? I think a lot of us tend to ignore our gut instincts about how people make us feel, or that the vibes of other people could truly impact our happiness and wellbeing. Time and time again, I see people keep the same friends, the same job, stay in the same city because they are afraid of the unknown energy swarming around them. Well, newsflash, whether you believe it or not, energy is all around us and our bodies DO pick up on it. 

If something is making you feel bad, I want you to CALL IT OUT. Call out that person that gives off jealous vibes, recognize that a boss can be controlling and admit to yourself that   you may need to make some tweaks. Sometimes, these tweaks just need to be recognized for you to take charge of who you allow into your delicate sphere.

Lately I’ve been kind of purposefully isolated–not because I don’t have a great group of people behind me, but because I needed to take a step back from any and all influences and just sit with all of the crazy changes happening around me. When I spend too much time with people, especially people who have bad juju, I start to feel drained and my goals get muddied. 


Create   S  P  A  C  E. We all have busy lives and only have time for what we CHOOSE to fill up our days. How do we distance ourselves from the chaos, messiness or uncomfortable feelings we may feel from time to time (or all of August, in my case)? The truth is, a lot of it is a mix of mindset + flexibility + creativity. 

For example, yesterday I was BACK TO BACK TO BACK from 9 am to 7:30 pm. So after I ate and got home, I immediately started running a bath. I washed my face, put on a mask, gulped down some water, and took my phone into the tub to set myself up for a better day today.

My self care routine is STRONG. I give myself an A+, because my definition of self care is really just ANYTHING that makes me feel good. So if checking emails in the tub with a candle and some crystals helps me unwind and prep for the next day, I’m doing it. 

Experiment with what space means to you. Do you want to be alone in silence, watching tv, going out to dinner, hanging out with people, making doctor appointments? You choose what creates space for your life and GO DO IT! It isn’t always glamorous, but staying on top of errands/appointments/meetings creates the most space for me. Every morning and night I check my calendar (yes, I’d be lost without my phone) and I look at where I could possible SQUEEZE in some space–maybe a 30 min coffee break at work with a friend, or leaving early, or planning my grocery store trips. I do this daily and remind myself not every day is going to be hectic and frazzled (although right now that seems to be my routine)!

Also, the one thing that makes me stop dead in my tracks is taking an ICE CREAM BREAK. Yeah, I’m 5 years old and ice cream cheers me up. I made the feature photo of this post me eating ice cream, because I’m slow AF at licking cones, but I always use ice cream time for thinking space, to slow down, enjoy and release any fear, because it’s already all planned out for us and it’s going to be OK.


And lastly, ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT. I used to voice to myself what I wanted to change (I want a new job, I want to get into this kind of school, I’d like to lose this much weight, etc.), but then I never set myself up to actually receive those gifts from the universe. The key to asking for what you want is the willingness to accept the frustrations, the stagnant period, the fear that creeps up and the opportunities that present themselves to you. Throughout this year, I’ve been calling in something that I’ll share with you soon, and I expected it to look a certain way when it was presented to me.

For months and months, I was so stagnant and frustrated because it wasn’t happening on my timeline. The funny thing about the universe though, is that you aren’t going to get the change you want on YOUR timeline, it’s going to happen at the RIGHT time, which I always forget until it happens.

We all deal with change, we all crave it and are desperate to escape certain situations, so make this a constant work in progress. When you start to get comfortable, check in with yourself and see if any new goals present themselves to you.

For now, don’t forget to take some time to eat some damn ice cream, and reach out to me if you want more advice/help on these topics!



your cultivating sloth




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